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How to upload your catalog?

At a time, you can upload either a CSV file with image URL or a ZIP file with images. The tool allows file size up to 1MB in case of CSV or 50MB in case of ZIP format.

CSV File

In case of a CSV upload, please ensure to add image links in a column with the title as ‘image_url’. Image URL is a mandatory field. You can add as many columns or fields in the upload file such as product identifiers, category, SKUs, etc. These additional fields will not surface on the tool but will reflect in the export sheet when you download tags for that batch.

ZIP File

In case you are uploading a ZIP file, please ensure that the file extensions for images are in JPG, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats.

There may be multiple reasons for upload errors that could possibly occur:

  • Unsupported file type

  • Unable to extract the ZIP file

  • Unsupported image format

  • File missing the ‘image_url’ column

  • File with duplicate image link columns

  • Exceeded file size limit

  • Exceeded maximum insert batch size (this is depending on your subscription plan and usage)

  • A system error or network error

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