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Explore Batch and Review Tags

Once the upload is successfully completed, the tool will create a batch to initiate tagging. It may take approximately 3-4 minutes to tag 500 product images. The batch name will be the same as the uploaded file name.

In the ‘Batch Overview’ section, you can see total images tagged, and total tags generated. Click on the batch to explore images by category and product attribute tags.

Image files with invalid url or corrupted files cannot be tagged. In such cases, you will be prompted with a warning icon next to 'Images Tagged'. You can click and download the error log to view the reason for tag failure against each image.

Here are a few instances which may result in tag failure:

  • Unable to download the image from image url

  • Unable to extract image from ZIP folder

  • Corrupted or unreadable image

  • A server error

In the ‘Explore Batch’ section, you will see all the category tags predicted for that batch along with the image count.

When you select a category, you can see all images specific to that category and its predicted tags. You can browse images by product attributes in the left navigation.

How to edit tags, titles and review images for consistent product data?

Inside a batch, you can pick a category and select an image to view tags and titles. If you notice any incorrect prediction, you can override it by selecting correct value from the dropdown menu. All edits will be tracked and captured with the value. You can track the user’s name against every edit.

Once you review all the tags for the given image, click on the ‘Review’ tab to save the feedback. This feedback will reflect in both catalog insight and accuracy reports. You can track reviewed images by clicking on ‘Reviewed’ or ‘Pending’ tab. 

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