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FAQs for Image / Catalog Uploads

How can I upload images and catalogs? What are all the formats supported?

We currently support .csv and .zip file types. While uploading a .csv file, ensure to add the image link in a column with the header as ‘image_url’. While uploading a .zip file, ensure images are in .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .tiff formats. 

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum file size is 1 MB for CSV files, and 50 MB for ZIP files.

What are the mandatory fields and format of the .csv file?

The only mandatory field is the ‘Image_url’. However, along with the image links, you can add information like product ID, SKU, category, etc. to get predicted data along with the additional fields in the export sheet.

How many products and images can I upload?

There is no restriction on the number of images. However, this also depends on your subscription plan. For example, If you have opted for the Basic 500 plan, then you will not be able to upload more than 500 images per month. 

What type of images are recommended to get the best results?

We suggest you update high-quality, well-lit, clean, and non-blurry catalog images that clearly show objects to be tagged. In case of apparels, images with models and front angle will work better while a side-angle works better for shoes.

Why are images getting failed to tag?

There can be multiple reasons for images not getting tagged. For example, the images will not be tagged in case of incorrect image type or file extension, invalid URL, internal server error (404 errors) and download errors due to the readability of files.

How can I tag failed images?

You can download a copy of the error log to understand errors and then re-upload failed images after fixing the error.

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