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Glossary of features - Vuetag app

This article outlines the list of features available in the Vuetag app with brief descriptions of the functionalities under each.

  • Dashboard

    • See overall numbers for the account - total images tagged, total tags predicted, number of tags where feedback is given, overall accuracy percentage
    • Overall product categorization
    • Recent activity of tagging, review and exports per user
  • Upload images for tagging

    • via CSV file that contains the image_url as a column. Also supports complete catalogs where there is extra product metadata information, like category, title, description etc.
    • via zip file that contains fashion apparel images
    • via API - for easy integration with other services on the clients' end
    • Show tag errors in a CSV export such that the errors can be fixed and the file re-uploaded
  • Explore tagged images

    • Explore images which have been tagged under batches under separate product type (category) buckets
    • Explore and filter images by the product attributes and values predicted under each product type
    • Browse images to view all tags predicted along with confidence of each attribute
    • Currently supported categories and attributes here
  • Account management

    • 14-day trial period for users to sign up here
    • Limited to 500 images for tagging
    • Post expiry, users can still access the account, but cannot upload more images
    • Signed up user wil be the account admin
    • Invite other user (who will be treated as client accounts)
    • Supports mapping (done offline) of client tags <> MSD tags
    • Account admin will be able to view MSD tags, while users will be able to view client tags
  • Feedback

    • Users can correct the predicted tags by giving feedback - image by image - to accept the predictions and modify them wherever needed
    • Add or remove values for multivalue predictions (colour, type etc.)
  • Reports

    • Catalog insights - to view split of images by category, attribute, attribute value under a specific batch
    • Accuracy report - view the quality of the predictions and performance of networks based on the feedback provided on the images by users
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  • 12-Dec-2018