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Support for product catalog information

Vuetag now supports displaying product metadata in the app, for users to provide more comprehensive feedback and reduces time for overall review.

Other fields like Product ID, Title, Description, Category, Sub Category etc. can also be uploaded via the CSV file or sent via the API. This information will be displayed in the image detail page. You can refer to the API documentation here to know more about sending product information via the API. You can also upload your product catalog as a CSV file, with the additional columns. Note: Product images should be under the column name image_url

The image detail page now has a new layout to show the product information inside a pane on the right side. The filters on the top right of the pane allows users to choose what product information they wish to see. This is a one time choice of filters, per batch, which the app retains as the default behaviour. Users can choose other fields from the filter as the need may be.

The same information is also available on the Bulk Edit page for users to be able to make a quick decision on choosing an image or not to.

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  • 04-Apr-2019