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Accuracy percentage on Bulk Edit page

When browsing on the Bulk Edit page of the Vuetag account, the accuracy of the predictions is displayed on top of the page as users review and provide their feedback on  tags for a given sets of images

For a selected set of images displayed, the accuracy reported here is calculated as follows:

Number of images marked as accepted for a tag prediction / Number of images reviewed

For ex: In a batch of 100 images of apparel , assume 80 were predicted as dresses. When bulk editing the Dresses images, if the user marks 20 of the dresses as tops (changed category prediction) and accepts the remaining 60 images as dresses, the accuracy will be:

Number of images marked as accepted (60) / Number of images reviewed (80) = 75%

This accuracy percentage is updated as each page of images are reviewed.

The same applies for when users filter the results for an attribute or attribute value and provide bulk feedback.

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  • 04-Apr-2019