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Color Family

Below are the list of colors that are supported out of the box. However, any Hex color can be predicted and mapped to the required color taxonomy. Please reach out to us if you require any custom mapping to be done for colors.

Color Family Hex Color
Blue aqua, azure, blue, cadetblue, darkslateblue, deepskyblue, deepskyblue2, dodgerblue, dodgerblue3, indigo, lightblue, lightsteelblue, mediumaquamarine, mediumslateblue, midnightblue, royalblue, royalblue1, sgislateblue, skyblue, steelblue, teal, slateblue
Green darkgreen, darkseagreen, emeraldgreen, green, honeydew, lightgreen, lightseagreen, lime, limegreen, mediumseagreen, green1, green2, green3, seagreen, springgreen, yellowgreen, darkolivegreen
Grey dimgray/dimgrey, gainsboro, lightgray/lightgrey, lightslategray, sgigray32, sgigray56, sgigray76, gray/grey
Black black
White white
Navy navy
Red firebrick, indianred, orangered, orangered3, red, tomato, crimson
Brown chocolate, peru, saddlebrown, sandybrown, sienna, brown
Beige beige
Pink hotpink, lightpink, mistyrose, peachpuff, rosybrown, rosybrown1, pink
Purple darkorchid, lavender, magenta/fuchsia, mediumpurple, mediumpurple1, orchid, orchid4, plum, plum1, plum2, purple, sgibeet, thistle, mediumorchid
Yellow darkgoldenrod, goldenrod1, yellow3, wheat, yellow, yellow2, yellow3, goldenrod
Orange coral, coral2, darkorange1, darksalmon, lightsalmon, orange, orangered
Olive olivedrab, olive
Tan tan
Gold gold
Maroon maroon, , maroon2, maroon1
Violet palevioletred1, palevioletred1, violet, violetred1, violetred3, violetred4, violetred
Cyan cyan, lightcyan
Off White off White, ivory, ivory2, seashell
Turquoise turquoise
Khaki khaki, darkkhaki
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